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What to Watch for Wednesday

Posted by Luke Brown On June - 8 - 2010

For comics shipping 06.09.10 or The Week If You Had A Problem, Yo, They’d Solve It. Every week I’ll check Diamond’s shipping list to see what you absolutely, positively need to spend all your hard earned cash on at the Local Comic Shop.


Buzzard #1 – $3.50

The Buzzard is a man cursed to live off the flesh of the undead. He also happens to guest-star in The Goon, which is written and drawn by Eric Powell. Imagine if you will, a place where monsters and demons and aliens inhabit the mortal plane, and the only man who can stop them is a disfigured carnie with a penchant for giving just as big a beating as he can take. That’s sort of what The Goon is like. I can only imagine this will be more of the same old awesome.


Batman #700 – $4.99

Grant Morrison teams with Andy Kubert, Frank Quitely, Tony Daniel, and David Finch to tell a time-spanning tale of the Caped Crusader. It may be a bit confusing for newcomers, seeing as how the book will feature storylines that Morrison’s been working on for the past few years, but that doesn’t mean it won’t get you interested in Batman. Not like you weren’t already. I mean, come on. He’s the freaking Batman.

Daytripper #7 – $2.99

Another month, another chapter in the life of Bras. Or should I say, another day in the hypothetical lives of Bras? You won’t want to miss one of the final chapters in this wonderful epic from Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba.

Secret Six #22 – $2.99

It’s the finale to “Cat in the Cradle.” Be there, or be a giant loser who doesn’t read one of the best comic books published today.

Tom Strong and the Robots of Doom #1 – $3.99

Here’s what you need to know: Tom Strong is the fucking man. He’s a science hero that doesn’t take shit from anyone. Not his lab-bred Nazi son. Not Paul Saveen. Not that crazy hive mind robot thing from space. And especially not Robots of Doom. Plus, the book is drawn by the ultra-talented Chris Sprouse. You absolutely need to read this.


Hack/Slash: My First Maniac #1 – $3.50

I’ve yet had the chance to read more than a few issues of this series, but what I did read, I liked. I’ve just picked up the first twenty or so issues on the iPad because I’ve been looking forward to reading this book for what feels like years, but for whatever reason, I just never picked any of it up. Anyway, this new mini-series for its new home at Image presents the very first case in young Cassie Hack’s history of taking on slasher villains across the world. I can’t wait to find out what this book is all about.

King City #9 – $2.99

Over the last nine months, you’ve heard me sing the praises of this book so much that you’ve had to have started reading it. This then serves as your friendly reminder to pick up this week’s issue of Brandon Graham’s insanely fun comic.


Captain America #606 – $3.99

Ed Brubaker is a devious man. This month, the man who tried to kill Bucky back in World War II, Baron Zemo, is back to try and finish the job. I cannot wait to read this. (All right, so technically, it’s the original Baron Zemo’s kid that’s trying to kill the man his father couldn’t, but it just sounds cooler when I say it the other way).

Invincible Iron Man #27 – $2.99

Well at least there’ll be one Marvel book to buy tomorrow that only costs $2.99. Gripe. Anywho, Matt Fraction and Salvador Larocca continue doing what they do best: telling really great Iron Man stories.

Nemesis #2 – $2.99

Holy crap! Another book that’s only $2.99. What’s going on here, Marvel? People are going to start thinking you’re actually lowering the prices of the comics you sell if you’re not careful. Despite the first issue of this comic feeling like it only gave me the tiniest morsel of what this comic is going to be like, I enjoyed it. I look forward to seeing what else Millar and McNiven have in store for us with this slightly unique take on the super villainy.

Punisher Max #8 – $3.99

Bullseye sure is one fucked up hombre. This issue, the Punisher decides to get proactive in his assault against the Kingpin, as he tries to take down a crooked cop. Of course, who are the other cops going to believe: one of their own, or a mass-murdering vigilante? Yeah, it’s going to be like that.

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #11 – $3.99

Bendis and LaFuente continue to put out the best Spider-Man monthly. This is a book everyone should be reading. It’s that damn good.

Young Allies #1 – $3.99

Sean McKeever returned to Marvel a little while ago, but now he’s got his own book starring some really great characters, and I can’t wait to see what he does with them. I’ve always been a huge fan of Gravity, and McKeever’s re-establishing of the alternate universe Bucky (now known as Nomad) was executed well, if not a little paint-by-numbers. I was never a really big fan of Arana, but I’m willing to give her, and this book, a chance. I just hope this book lasts long enough for me to get attached to these characters.

Trade Paperback/Hardcover of the Week

Blacksad – $29.99

Reprinted for the first time in… well, forever, Blacksad is finally back. I’ve always heard how great this story was, but with the original translation of this wonderful European comic being out of print for what seems like eons, I never got to enjoy it. Now that it’s back in print, I’m hoping everyone has a chance to see what all the fuss is about. Since I don’t know very much about the book, other than that it stars a feline PI, I’ll let the Dark Horse solicitations speak for themselves.

Private investigator John Blacksad is up to his feline ears in mystery, digging into the backstories behind murders, child abductions, and nuclear secrets. Guarnido’s sumptuously painted pages and rich cinematic style bring the world of 1950s America to vibrant life, with Canales weaving in fascinating tales of conspiracy, racial tension, and the “red scare” Communist witch hunts of the time. Guarnido reinvents anthropomorphism in these pages, and industry colleagues no less than Will Eisner, Jim Steranko, and Tim Sale are fans!

Whether John Blacksad is falling for dangerous women or getting beaten to within an inch of his life, his stories are, simply put, unforgettable.

That’ll do for this week. See you next time.

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