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What to Watch for Wednesday

Posted by Luke Brown On June - 23 - 2010

For comics shipping 06.23.10 or The Week Summer Truly Began. Every week I’ll check Diamond’s shipping list to see what you absolutely, positively need to spend all your hard earned cash on at the Local Comic Shop.


7 Psychopaths #2 – $3.99

I enjoyed the first issue of this book, but not nearly as much as I thought I would. Perhaps there was just too much time spent talking about how crazy you had to be to want to go into Germany to try and assassinate Hitler. I did like the introductions to the team, and feel like now that the obligatory, but a overly introductory first issue, is out of the way, this story is going to pick up some steam, and be quite memorable. Besides, I’m a sucker for Sean Phillips. The man is a master of his craft, and I can’t wait to see him let loose on some WWII action sequences.


American Vampire #4 – $3.99

You are reading this book now, right? I sure hope so because it continues to impress me at every turn. I never really cared much for vampire lore, but setting both of the stories in this book in two eras that I’m super-fascinated with garnered my interest. Of course, the writing and the art sealed the deal, and suddenly I found myself enjoying a story about one of the most overused monsters in today’s fiction market. Skinner Sweet is an oddly compelling character, and though there isn’t much to like about him, I can’t help but wonder what he’s going to do next. It helps that he’s been somewhat compassionate with Pearl, but to me, she’s the real star of this book, even though she only gets half of the story. It’s not too late for you to start reading if you aren’t already. Even if you’re as tired of bloodsuckers as I was before reading this, I think you’ll find this book to be more than your ordinary vampire tale.

Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #3 – $3.99

I’m disappointed in myself for not being able to grasp what Grant Morrison’s going for with this story so far, but hopefully this issue will contain a few more answers, and a few less questions, than the last book did. I’m really liking what’s happening, it’s just that… well… I don’t really know what’s happening. In the grand scheme of things, Morrison can deliver, but in the serialized form, there are nuances I just can’t wrap my head around. As long as this issue doesn’t get too crazy with the future timeline, and how Bruce is actually a bullet aimed at time in an effort to destroy it (yeah, exactly), it’ll be good. I think. Ah, who am I kidding? It’s Grant Morrison we’re talking about. This book is going to boggle me until the very last panel. Hell, it might even baffle me when it’s all finished. Good thing I’ve got the internet to explain things to me.

Zatanna #2 – $2.99

Okay, so the first issue didn’t exactly overwhelm me with the awesomeness I had hoped from a Paul Dini story drawn by Stephane Roux. I’m not saying the first book wasn’t good; it just wasn’t as strong a debut as a book starring a fringe character needed. If anyone can make Zatanna relevant and worthy of a continuing ongoing, it’s a man who loves the character as much as Dini, but things had better pick up quickly, otherwise this will be another short-lived female-starring book. Comicdom needs more strong female leads in solo titles, and despite the efforts of both major publishers, that’s something that just hasn’t happened much recently. A strong story by a strong creative team (like this book has the potential to have) can make all the difference. I just hope Zatanna has enough time to become that comic.


Avengers #2 – $3.99

This comic has everything a top-tier team like the Avengers needs: amazing interiors from an elite artist like John Romita, Jr, and a wildly popular, if at times a bit too self-serving, writer like Brian Bendis. There’s a bit of Avengers overload happening right now, but the first issue of this relaunched series set a pretty solid pace and standard for what’s to be expected, and if everything goes right, Avengers will be one of the best team books on shelves. I just hope that Bendis doesn’t get too distracted by his own hype, and delivers the fantastic Avengers stories he’s capable of.

Wolverine: Weapon X #14 – $3.99

How can you not love a book where unstoppable soldiers from the future come back in time to kill superheroes before they become a threat to the future? Wait. Was that sentence as confusing to read as I think it was? Okay, let me simplify things. Jason Aaron and Ron Garney bring you another chapter in the story of Wolverine versus cyborgs from the future who are out to kill anyone that endangers said future. I’m not sure that was much more convincing, but you should know that this book is well-written, action-packed, and every page is drawn to perfection.

Trade Paperback/Hardcover of the Week

The Life and times of Martha Washington in the Twenty-First Century – $29.99

For $30, you’re getting 600 pages of story written by Frank Miller (the good version) and drawn by the great Dave Gibbons. Spread out over a handful of mini-series, the story of Martha Washington is one of the most critically acclaimed comics of all-time. I’ve been waiting for an affordable collection of these stories for a long time, and since I’ve never had the pleasure of reading any of Martha’s adventures, I cannot wait to pick this up tomorrow. Since my knowledge of the character is extremely limited, here is Dark Horse’s description of what you’re getting with this trade paperback.

Our story begins in the squalid corridors of a maximum-security housing project, where a young girl will rise from the war-torn streets of Chicago to battle injustice in a world insane with corruption. Her fight will take her far, from the frontlines of the second American Civil War, to the cold, unforgiving reaches of space. She will be called a hero, a traitor, and nearly everything in between, but all along the way, her courage, her integrity, and her unwavering commitment to that most valuable of rights-liberty-will inspire a movement that will never surrender.

That’ll do for this week. See you next time.

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