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X-Force: Sex and Violence #2

Posted by Luke Brown On August - 17 - 2010

While the sheer amount of X-titles on the shelf at your local comic shop can at times seem overwhelming, there are a few gems worth seeking out on a regular basis. I typically only read Uncanny X-Men and Wolverine, but will occasionally dabble in a bit of X-Force. I’ve really enjoyed the black ops reimagining, and though I haven’t read every single issue, what I have read has always been entertaining. That definitely holds true to last week’s X-Force: Sex and Violence #2. Full of action, action, a dash of sex, and even more action, the mini-series by Craig Kyle, Chris Yost, and Gabrielle Dell’otto manages to deliver and fun, yet shallow, comic reading experience.


For those of you who know X-Force as the book that really put Rob Liefeld on the map (for better or worse), this new incarnation is going to be a bit of a radical departure. Created by Cyclops as a black ops task force led by Wolverine, X-Force is a team of mutants who do all the wetwork and other dangerous jobs Cyclops doesn’t want anyone else to know about. Though this book only contains two of the members of the team (Wolverine and Domino), the story is still pretty far enough away from your standard X-Men melodrama that the X-Force label fits. Centering around a job Domino took on that went horribly wrong, Sex and Violence finds her teaming with Wolverine to try and set things right again. Well, sort of. Domino hasn’t exactly been straight with Wolverine, and there’s more going on here than she initially reveals. Yost and Kyle do a solid job pacing the story, as nearly every page features someone getting shot, cut, chopped up, or naked. Got to live up to that title, I guess. The whole book reads like a summer action blockbuster, and as much as I love deep and meaningful comics, sometimes it’s great to just veg out with a little mindless beat ‘em up, and this book serves that purpose wonderfully. Though, I have to admit, if the interiors weren’t beautifully painted by Gabrielle Dell’otto, it wouldn’t be anywhere near as enticing.

There are very few artists that paint interiors that I enjoy. A lot of the time I feel like painted comics lose a lot of their dynamism, and the artist spends too long crafting perfect mini-paintings within a page. Obviously, when an artist comes along that is still able to instill a page with kineticism, and can make a page live and breathe beyond static images, I’ll pay more attention. That just so happens to be the case with Dell’otto, who not only paints a pretty picture, but also makes that picture pop off the page. Both the opening battle against Razorfist and the apartment throwdown with Bushwacker are fast and brutal, and Dell’otto renders them with such vicious detail it’s hard not to appreciate his talents. In fact, the only time I even question his ability is during the bedroom romp Wolverine has with Domino. In one particular panel, Domino is removing her top while straddling Logan. The image is laid out from behind Domino, so we get a glimpse of Logan’s reaction to seeing her naked breasts. I think I can honestly say I’ve never seen Wolverine so surprised in my life. His wide-eyed wonder at seeing Domino with her clothes off is so bizarre it’s comical. It’s nothing detrimental to the story, but it did take me out of the narrative ever so slightly.

While X-Force: Sex and Violence will hardly be remembered as one of the most important comics of its time, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a good comic. There’s only one issue left, and I’m sure Yost, Kyle, and Dell’otto are going to deliver another solid effort. The book’s got a ton of action and some fantastic art, and you really can’t ask for more. If you’re shop still has a copy or two, and you’re in the mood to see people get sliced, diced, and shot, you can’t go wrong with this book.

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