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Queen and Country – Read This Now!

Posted by Luke Brown On August - 25 - 2010

This week, things get serious as we take a look at Oni Press’ Queen and Country. This episode is for your eyes only.

Written by GREG RUCKA

Who doesn’t love a great spy story? Growing up, I had always though secret agents were of the James Bond variety. Then one day, I was introduced to Greg Rucka’s Queen and Country. My entire idea of what a spy story and a comic book could be completely changed. Queen and Country was the first independent book that I’d ever read, and I couldn’t stop reading it. Series lead Tara Chace is one of the most dynamic, damaged, and daring heroines in modern fiction, and you’d do well to read Queen and Country and find out why.

So we hear you’re looking for something to read. That’s great because we’ve got a ton of recommendations on what comics you should be checking out. Every week we’ll pick out one gem from the longboxes or trade shelves that you absolutely cannot miss. We’re talking mainstream, indie, full storylines, single issues, and beyond. If there’s a comic we enjoy that we think you will too, you’ll hear all about it on Read This Now!

Written by: Luke Brown
Edited by: Dominic Moschitti
Effects by: Paul Ritchey
Shot by: Paul Ritchey

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  1. Lady Stardust Said,

    I got into Queen & Country on Luke’s recommendation and I really like it. In fact I have to get back to reading the first Q&C novel…

    Good episode, as always.

    Posted on August 30th, 2010 at 1:57 PM

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