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Thor #615

Posted by Luke Brown On September - 21 - 2010

Check out this preview of Thor #615, featuring the debut of Matt Fraction and Pasqual Ferry as the new creative team.

THOR #615
Art & Cover by PASQUAL FERRY

Fraction! Ferry! Heroic Age! The perfect jumping-on point as THOR’s all-new creative team and all-new era kick off HERE! In the wake of SIEGE, Asgard must take its proper place as the Golden Realm, most glorious of the nine worlds of myth. But that means Thor’s home isn’t just a beacon…it’s a target! And what happens to the Asgardians and the denizens of all nine worlds — including Earth! — when a dark, destructive force from another reality comes on the warpath?
40 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

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