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Velocity #2

Posted by Luke Brown On September - 22 - 2010

The second issue of Pilot Season winner Velocity arrives this week, and after a pretty interesting and well-done first issue, Ron Marz and Kenneth Rocafort do not disappoint. The pace is brisk, the art is outstanding, and most importantly, I can’t wait for the third issue.

Written by RON MARZ

For those of you who missed out the first issue of Velocity, Carin (aka Velocity) is an ultra-sapien with super-speed. She, along with her teammates on Cyberforce, has been infected by a mysterious virus designed specifically to kill them. Of course, they were all infected by robot duplicates of Velocity created by Dr. Erasmus Paine, who’s holding a big grudge against Cyberforce because he was under-appreciated and neglected as a scientist. Carin has just one hour to try and find the cure, and save her friends. It’s a good thing she’s fast.

When you’ve got to cover sixty minutes in three issues, your ability to pace a story that is both engaging and quick will be put to the test. Once again, Ron Marz is able to keep the reader turning pages with his terrific plotting. Despite not having much time for exposition, Marz is able to relate everything important to the reader without slowing the pace of the story down one bit. The entire issue takes place within twenty-seven minutes, and Marz makes sure to get the most out of every single one of those seconds. It’s impressive, and with even less time left for the next two issues, I can’t wait to see how he’s going to ramp up the intensity.

To put it bluntly: without Kenneth Rocafort, this book wouldn’t be remotely as interesting. As much as I praise Marz’s writing, Rocafort has simply blown me away each and every page. The man can flat out draw, and with every superb two-page spread, he’s able to pack in so much that it’ll take multiple reads just to make sure you caught every nuance. The pages aren’t cluttered or crowded, and you won’t miss anything vital to the story, but there is a lot of detail present that you might take for granted when reading the comic the first time. Rocafort is also great with the smaller moments, and though I find it odd that he occasionally leaves so much negative space on a page, his layouts keep the flow moving, and the breakneck speed at which the plot moves is never halted.

Velocity #2 is a good book, and does a nice job not only progressing the story, but in keeping me wanting more. As long as Marz and Rocafort are able to keep doing what they do best (fast writing and sharp pencils) on this book, I’ll be reading it. You should too.

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