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Witchblade #138

Posted by Luke Brown On September - 23 - 2010

Taking a bit of a break from current events, Witchblade #138 is a storybook tale where swords and sorcery battle for control of an unnamed country. Of course, not everything is at it seems, and the similarities between this fantasy and the real Witchblade universe come to light.

Written by RON MARZ

Current bearer of the Witchblade Sara Pezzini has a lot on her plate right now. In fact, the whole darn Top Cow Universe has a whole lot of shaking up going on thanks to the big Artifacts event being spearheaded by Witchblade scribe, Ron Marz. Last issue, we were re-introduced to the Necromancer, Abby van Alstine, and learned that Sara will have a pretty powerful new ally in the challenges she’ll be facing over the course of the next year. Witchblade #138 was a solid one-off issue, and though this month’s Witchblade doesn’t introduce any new plot points or characters, Marz and Sejic craft yet another standalone tale steeped in the lore fans of the Top Cow U have come to love.

Even if you’ve never read a single issue of Witchblade over the course of the last year or so, you’ve likely taken notice of the beautiful covers while you were at your local shop. Though Stjepan Sejic is coming into his own as an interior artist when it comes to layouts and storytelling, the man’s ability to create compelling covers and splash pages is undeniable. Since this issue is laid out like a storybook, and consists of only splash pages and double-page spreads, Sejic’s art truly shines. He’s able to convey a great deal of emotion, action, and story in one solid image, and whether or not what’s happening on a particular page is a quiet moment or a gigantic battle, Sejic portrays it wonderfully, and with ease. If anything, this issue has me clamoring for Sejic to take on more fantasy tales, so I guess it’s a good thing there’s a tiny glimpse of Sejic’s upcoming work, Ravine, in the back of the book.

As much as Witchblade is Ron Marz’s book, and he’s done a fantastic job in helping make the character and universe relevant, this issue is really all about Sejic. Marz’s scripting delivers an entertaining tale of knights and dragons in a far away land, which should come as no surprise to fans of some of his other work like Sojourn and Mystic. But like Marz has said countless times before, you’ve got to write to your artist’s strengths. Witchblade #138 shows just how strong and talented Sejic is, and how much faith Marz has in him being able to bring such a story to life.

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