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Superman/Batman: Apocalypse – Andrea Romano Interview

Posted by Luke Brown On September - 24 - 2010

During the NY premiere of Superman/Batman: Apocalypse, we had a chance to talk about the film with Andrea Romano. Find out what she had to say about the film below.

We had a chance to chat with Andrea Romano, voice director and voice casting director for just about everything ever animated at Warner Bros., about the upcoming direct-to-DVD film Superman/Batman: Apocalypse. As always, she was a delight.

Shot and Edited by Nick Murphy
Interview by Luke Brown

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  1. Lady Stardust Said,

    She always seems so pleasant in interviews! It’s interesting that they took the focus away from Supergirl in the title for marketing reasons. I guess it’s a little disappointing that animated superhero movies driven by female characters don’t sell as well as those that have “Batman” or “Superman” in the title. Hopefully this one will show viewers that the dudes aren’t the only ones with great stories.

    Posted on September 24th, 2010 at 6:56 PM

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