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Umbrella Academy – Read This Now!

Posted by Luke Brown On September - 29 - 2010

It’s not often that a celebrity is able to make the jump from their profession into comics. Fortunately for us, My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way is quite a capable writer, and teamed with Gabriel Ba, he was able to give us the brilliant Umbrella Academy.

Written by GERARD WAY

Putting a new spin on superheroes is tough. Almost everything has been done before, and it’s rare to find something so wholly unique that is also incredibly good. Umbrella Academy is a amazing take on the super-team in the modern age, and serves as an example that there are fresh angles to take. You just have to be bold enough to take them. Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba were, and we were given one of the most refreshing comics in years. That’s why you should read it now.

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Written by: Luke Brown
Edited by: Dominic Moschitti
Effects by: Paul Ritchey
Shot by: Paul Ritchey

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  1. Lady Stardust Said,

    I thought I was going to hate Umbrella Academy because “omg it was written by that guy from MCR!!!!!”, but it’s actually really, really good.

    Posted on September 30th, 2010 at 10:59 AM

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