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NYCC 2010: Captain America: Super Soldier – Brandon Gill Interview

Posted by Luke Brown On October - 21 - 2010

You didn’t think we were done with New York Comic Con coverage, did you? Good. Here’s an interview we did with the game director of Sega’s upcoming Captain America: Super Soldier video game.

While Sega hasn’t had the best track record as of late with Marvel movie tie-ins, after getting to see their Captain America video game in-person, my expectations are already being exceeded. Sure, the game is close to a year away from coming out, and what I saw was very, very early, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t loads of potential in this title. At NYCC 2010, I talked with the game’s director, Brandon Gill, about the game, and what we can all expect from the title in 2011.

Interview by Luke Brown
Edited by Timmy Frisch

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