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The Dark Tower: The Battle for Jericho Hill – Read This Now!

Posted by Luke Brown On October - 21 - 2010

This week’s Read This Now! takes a turn to the macabre. You just know when Stephen King comes to comics, things are going to get a little weird.

Written by ROBIN FURTH
Art by JAE LEE

In the course of seven novels, Stephen King creates a vast and complex world for Roland Deschain, Guardian of the White, and the last Gunslinger in the Line of Eld. However, in spite of the author’s attention to detail, there are still gaps in our knowledge of the history of the character, and what propels him to seek the Dark Tower, seemingly to the ruin of all else. Fortunately, writer Robin Firth and artists Jae Lee and Richard Isanove have been called in to fill in some of the gaps in Roland’s past. In The Battle of Jericho Hill, a crucial, if somewhat painful, piece of the puzzle gets fit into place.

Firth’s storyline, Lee’s lifelike pencilings, Isanove’s intriguing use of color, and, of course, King’s memorable characters, make The Battle of Jericho Hill a must read for any fan not only of the world of Roland Deschain, but anyone who loves a great story of courage, revenge, and dedication.

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Written by: Sean Curran
Edited by: Dominic Moschitti
Effects by: Paul Ritchey
Shot by: Paul Ritchey

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