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NECA – Toy Fair 2011

Posted by Luke Brown On February - 23 - 2011

Last week, we stopped at the 2011 Toy Fair International to see what was happening in the wild world of action figures, statues, board games and more. One of the first booths we had to stop by belonged to our good friends NECA. From Gears of War 3 to Predator to Gremlins, there’s not a single wave in NECA’s product line-up for 2011 that isn’t going to blow everyone away.

Upon entering NECA’s booth, a few big items caught my eye. First and foremost, a set of figures Director of Product Development Randy Falk is extremely psyched about, the 1/4 scale Predators. The company has been teasing these larger-than-life figures for the past few months, but finally getting to see the three different models in person really shows you just how much love and attention is going into making these bad boys the most impressive Predators to ever hit the market. While there will be three distinct versions available (one with an open mouth, one with a closed mouth, and one donning the classic helmet), each of them will come with more than twenty points of articulation. I’ve been looking for a figure that will be able to go toe-to-toe with my eighteen-inch Galactus, and I think I’ve finally found him.

Of course, the Predator figures are but the mere tip of the iceberg when it comes to NECA’s 2011 offerings. Debuting this year will be an all-new line of figures from Epic’s popular Gears of War franchise. Set to release around the same time as Gears of War 3, the new action-figure line-up will not only have entirely new sculpts of all your favorite returning characters like Baird and Marcus, but NECA is also debuting the first female figure of the series with Anya. I absolutely could not get enough of NECA’s Gears figures since they started shipping, but these new sculpts are among the most detailed the company has done to date. Of course, the company isn’t just content with better looking figures, so the new Gears line is also going to come with more articulation than previous lines. Though the Marcus, Dom, and Anya all look really great, for me it’s all about Baird. He’s my favorite character from the games, and I’ve been waiting for a new Baird figure since the very first one released. All of these figures are going to make nice additions to my GoW shelf, and even though I’m looking forward to playing the game, I’m looking forward to owning these figures just as much.

Another of NECA’s expanding lines, BioShock, will also see some nice new additions this year. First up is a new Big Daddy Bouncer that comes with LED lights. The figure sculpt is virtually identical, save for the diving mask that lights up with the press of a button. The Splicer line arriving just a bit down the line will include a super-creepy Spider, a new version of the Ladysmith, and the oversized Brute. The Brute is comparable in size to the Big Daddies, and though his exaggerated features don’t make him instantly as hideous as the Spider or Ladysmith, there’s a nice touch of disease and corruption on his arms, face, and back that let you know that all is not right with this gentleman. NECA also announced at Toy Fair that they’ll be creating figures for BioShock Infinite, but since that game isn’t due out until 2012, we won’t be seeing much news on that front for at least another few months.

Perhaps the biggest video game reveal at this year’s Toy Fair belonged to Duke Nukem. NECA only revealed their plans for the figure just a short while ago, but they had a prototype figure at the convention on display for all the world to see. The figure perfectly captures the attitude of Duke, and really brings the walking stereotype to life quite well. The smirk on Duke’s face really sells the figure though, and he’s certainly going to be a welcome addition to my ever-growing library of gaming action figures. Along with Duke, NECA had a fully-painted Claptrap from Borderlands on display. This was my first time catching a glimpse of the little robot mascot of the first-person shooter, and once again NECA proved just how great they are at bringing these iconic characters to life. Somehow, they managed to bring the cel-shaded look of the game to three dimensions, and the little bugger’s paint job just pops.

A handful of 80s movies and rock legends round out what NECA was showing off last week. A new Gremlins series is coming, which will cover both movies, and will incorporate articulation in the brows and eyes so that you can recreate some of the great facial expressions Gizmo and the gang all made. It’s tough to top the Trenchcoat Gremlin, but the Rambo Gizmo is pretty awesome. Two new Scarface figures will be coming as well, each in a different suit, but both with that same Tony Montana fire. The original Terminator will be getting some new figures, and you’re all going to have a tough time deciding just which version of Arnold to bring home. I’m leaning towards the black jacket version, but each of the figures definitely looks fantastic. That said, nothing really compares to the Nightmare on Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors Freddy. The sculpting on the chest-bursting faces is tight, and really sets this version of the character apart from the rest of the line. I’d be remiss in not mentioning the Iron Maiden figures based on the band’s mascot, Eddie. Fans of the band will definitely find something to love about each of the different figures, as they all replicate classic cover art pretty perfectly. NECA’s Iggy Pop figure is well-sculpted, and like the Eddie figures, will appease any Stooges out there.

Along with everything mentioned above, and a handful of mini-busts based on the zombies from AMC’s The Walking Dead television series, and a bunch of new Predator figures coming down the line, the coming months are going to be jam-packed with NECA goodness. Randy mentioned that everything on display at Toy Fair was only the beginning, and there were going to be a great deal of announcements coming out of San Diego Comic Con that would have everyone incredibly excited. You can hear more about what Randy had to say in our interview from the booth, which will be going up later this week.

In the meantime, check out the gallery of images below, and be sure to check back all week for even more Toy Fair International 2011 coverage.

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