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Kotobukiya – Toy Fair 2011

Posted by Luke Brown On March - 1 - 2011

Check out the latest Kotobukiya gaming and Bishoujo offerings from Toy Fair International 2011.

One of the premiere statue makers creating collectibles today is Kotobukiya. I stopped by their booth at Toy Fair not only to see what was new, but to see many of the products up close and personal for the first time. As great as many of their statues look in Previews, getting a solid look at them in person makes them all the more awe-inspiring. Though the bulk of my interest is in what the company is doing with their comic book lines, even I have to admire the work done on the video game licenses they have.

The first things that caught my eye as I entered the jam-packed booth were the new Mega Man model kits. The line consists of Mega Man, Roll, and Protoman, each of which comes with a variety of interchangeable parts and pieces so you can create the figure you want. They all have some nice articulation, though I’m a bit disappointed that Mega Man’s eyes look crossed. I guess that’s the way the character is supposed to look, but it looks so strange to see his eyes like that, and it makes the model look like he’s intentionally “derping.” Roll looks spunky, as always, and Protoman is perfectly stoic. The trio would make a nice addition to any Mega Man fan’s collection.

A few other video game figurines appeared at the convention, though I have to admit none of them were characters I am at all familiar with. That doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the craftsmanship of the statues though. Both Shining Hearts females on display were both radically different and wonderfully sculpted. Phantom Queen EX-Xecty is a smooth, technical study. Her clean lines and strong mechanical features really stand out. On the other hand, Maxima is a bit more subdued, and feels a bit more human. Though, it should be noted that the crisp structure of her costume almost makes her as hard-looking as Xecty, but the way her hair is sculpted as if it’s blowing in the wind brings some needed life to the work.

The real show-stealer for me, though, has to be Koto’s line of Bishoujo statues. Based on designs by Shunya Yamashita, the line began with a few fantastic females from the Marvel stable, but recently the line spread into DC’s universe. I liked a few of the originals like Black Widow and Scarlet Witch, but I didn’t love them. Sure they looked good, but I was waiting for Kotobukiya to put out a character that I just wouldn’t be able to resist. You may remember my initial excitement over the Catwoman statue, and upon seeing the piece up close for the first time, I’m still hoping to pick one up when it releases. Sure, compared to the others in the series it’s a bit over-sexualized, but damn if it doesn’t look stunning. Toy Fair was also the first time I was able to see new additions like Jean Grey, the Invisible Woman, and Supergirl, and I’m equally excited for those.

Jean looks fantastic flying above the X-Men Blackhawk jet, and she’s in her Jim Lee costume from X-Men #1, which is a bit dated (and ridiculous), but looks great as you don’t get to see her in that get-up very often. The Invisible Woman sculpt takes its inspiration from the very first issue of Fantastic Four, and though Susan Richards hasn’t ever been a sex-pot, the statue does a nice job conveying a sense of flirtation without straying too far from the character. Supergirl is an impressive piece, and the statue captures her innocence very well. I could do without the skirt blowing up in the wind, but to be fair she is flying, and the line is meant to be a little more risque than your standard statue. The pose is nothing worse than the character has been subjected to in the comics, that’s for sure.

The Ms. Marvel statue was decent, and I like the Wonder Woman figurine as well, but the real surprise of the booth was the just-announced Ghostbusters Bishoujo. While it’s not based on any particular character from the mythology, the statue does have everything you’d expect a highly-detailed Ghostbuster statue to have. Well, with the exception of clothes. Sure, the unnamed woman in the tattered remains of her uniform has some semblance of clothing on, but there sure isn’t much left. Whatever tussle she just got out of must have been really intense. In all seriousness though, the preliminary photos of the sculpt look really nice, I’m just not sure it’s something that I’m going to be adding to my collection.

You can check out the gallery below for even more pics from the Kotobukiya booth, and be sure to check back later in the week for a video walkthrough featuring some of the Star Wars and X-Men statues not covered here.

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