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American Gladiators – Continue?

Posted by Dominic Moschitti On March - 11 - 2011

The familiar blare of trumpets sounds. It can mean only one thing. Continue? is back with a new episode, and this time, they’re headed for Gladiator Arena.

YES!!! IT’S SATURDAY MORNING!!! Time to eat sugar and watch cartoons! Then… AMERICAN GLADIATORS. Wrestling comes on soon after, then my mom says we’re going to Pizza Hut for lunch buffet.

Every week, Continue? takes a look at a game from the past to find out just how well it holds up to memory. Is the game going to be good enough to continue playing, or will the holy triumvirate of retro gamers find that some memories are best forgotten? Tune in every Wednesday to find out.

Starring: Dominic Moschitti, Nick Murphy, Paul Ritchey
Shot by: Paul Ritchey
Edited by: Dominic Moschitti

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