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id’s RAGE Gets the Comic Treatment

Posted by Hollander Cooper On March - 11 - 2011

We’re looking forward to RAGE, but a comic based on the upcoming video game? That we’re going to have to read to believe.

Doom creator id’s upcoming first-person shooter, RAGE, is following in the trail blazed by many other recent titles and launching a comic series leading up to the game’s release. The three-issue series being published by Dark Horse Comics, which is to begin on June 22nd, is written by Arvid Nelson, best known for his work with Rex Mundi. This isn’t actually Nelson’s first foray into game/comic adaptations, either: a few years back he worked on a twelve-issue limited-series for Capcom that adapt Suda51’s Killer7 to the medium. It was cancelled after only four issues.

Hopefully, with art by Andrea Mutti and covers by Preacher artist Glenn Fabry, RAGE will have significantly more success. Considering how much simpler RAGE’s post-apocalyptic wasteland is when compared to Killer7’s convoluted narrative (Multifoliate Personae Phenomenon? Kevin Smith?), I have a feeling it’s going to fare at least a little bit better.

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