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Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds

Posted by David Goodman On March - 25 - 2011

The Legion of Super-Heroes is a title and concept that you either love or hate; there is very little in between. The title has an insanely large cast, jumps from locale to locale faster than a James Bond movie and embraces its continuity more than most books. Two attempts at a reboot failed to bring in a new audience, so DC smartly left the task of revitalizing the Legion to Geoff Johns. He began laying the seeds of this revival in the “Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes” arc from Action Comics, and finished the job in spectacular fashion in Legion of 3 Worlds.

Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds
Written by Geoff Johns
Art by George Perez and Scott Koblish
Cover by George Perez

The amazing thing here is that Johns has somehow managed to write a Legion story that will appeal to almost any fan of the book. He has created a tale where each of the three versions of the Legion counts in continuity. No matter which version you liked, their stories are a part of Legion history. He also went in a fixed the numerous story problems and plot holes that have resulted from years of retcons and reboots. Somehow, everything makes sense again, and you get an incredible story as well. You get to watch as Superman and three Legions go up against Superboy Prime and the Legion of Super-Villains. The story goes from the 31st century to the end of time, and we get to witness the resurrection of two heroes who really never should have died in the first place.

A mini-series like this would only work if the artist was up to the task. Fortunately, DC brought in George Perez to handle the art chores. I can honestly think of no one else who could have drawn this book. Each page will literally take your breath away. I would easily place Legion of Three Worlds up there with Crisis on Infinite Earths and JLA/Avengers as examples of just how good this man is. I’m so glad DC let the book ship late instead of bringing in fill-in artists to help get it on the stands on time. Perez is a master of his craft, and he and Johns may have created the ultimate Legion of Super-Heroes story.

Two words of caution. First, don’t be scared off by the Final Crisis in the title. I have read this book twice, and still have absolutely no clue what it has to do with that miniseries. I get the impression DC decided to tie it into Final Crisis as a way to try to introduce more readers to the Legion. Second, if you were a fan of the “Five years later…” Legion series, prepare to be disappointed. That was the one aspect of Legion history that was written out of the group’s continuity. Why? I don’t know, but it’s a shame regardless.

Once you finish reading this book, I dare you to not go out and buy an issue of the regular series. Johns and Perez have created the perfect gateway to the Legion that no number of reboots could. They have taken a series that has 40 plus years of history and made it accessible to just about anyone.

If you are a Legion fan, there’s no doubt already read and loved this book. If you are a newcomer to the Legion of Super-Heroes, this is the place to start. On the other hand, if you are just a fan of great comics by creative teams at the top of their game, Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds is a book that you really need to read. You won’t regret it.

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