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Let’s Get Digital – 04.09.11

Posted by Luke Brown On April - 9 - 2011

After our brief break, our weekly digital breakdown is back. Check out this week’s must-have digital comic downloads for the iPad, iPhone, Android, and PSP.

Action Double Feature #1 – $0.99 (Available on Double Feature Comics App)

Debuting this week is the all-new Double Feature Comics App, wherein you’ll find two-in-one independent comics by some of the industry’s leading proponents of the digital frontier. The first comic available features work from Tim Seeley (with Ross Campbell and Carlos Badilla) and Mike Norton (with Dennis Hopeless and Mark Englert), and though both comics are short, they’re very fun and loaded with extras. Both stories feature page-by-page commentaries from the creators, as well as the ability to see every page as just pencils, inks, or colored with no text. It’s a great first step in furthering creator-owned content on digital devices, and best of all, you don’t even actually need an iPad or PSP. You can even download a .PDF of the comic at the website (, to use on whatever device you want. Now, the commentaries only come in the App, and there are still a few bumps in the road (page turning is animated and slow), but for a first effort, this is an huge step in the right direction. I look forward to seeing more from Four Star Studios, and you should too.

Bakuman, Vol. 4 – $4.99 (Available on Viz Manga App)

Taking digital manga the next step further, Viz is releasing the newest edition of Bakuman a week before the print version hits stores. Forget day-and-date (which is for all intents and purposes absolutely useless as long as companies continue to charge full retail price), advanced release is going to be the best way to get your digital content noticed. Bakuman is strong enough to stand out on its own, but getting a chance to check it out before everyone else waiting for the latest collection at your local comic shop is a nice treat. The only bad thing I can say about this manga is now I have to wait a while until at least June until the next volume releases. Two-plus months is too long to wait for a story this good.

Earth X #1-12, X – $1.99 each (Available on ComiXology and Marvel Comics Apps)

Earth X is a pretty sweet alternate future of the Marvel Universe as told by Jim Krueger, Alex Ross, and JP Leon. Seeing your favorite heroes and villains in whole new ways, if they’re alive at all, was only part of what made this such an interesting maxi-series. JP Leon’s artwork perfectly represented the dystopian future Krueger and Ross depicted, and though it was only the beginning of an epic trilogy, Earth X stands on its own well enough. If you enjoy alternate takes on superheroes that don’t require you to know much more about a given hero other than their name, Earth X is a solid place to start. Unfortunately, you’re only going to save like $4 buying the book digitally versus in print, but at least this way you won’t have to carry around a hefty tome.

Gotham Central #1 – FREE #2-5 – $1.99 each (Available on ComiXology and DC Comics Apps)

I love just about every single thing about this book. It’s written by two of my all-time favorite writers, Greg Rucka and Ed Brubaker. It’s drawn fantastically by Michael Lark. It’s a police procedural. It’s set in Gotham City. When factors like these combine to create a comic as incredible as this, it’s as if the stars in the heavens above have aligned. Seriously though, Gotham Central is the most unique take on life in Gotham City that I’ve ever seen, and you’d be remiss in not checking it out. If you don’t believe me, the first issue is available for free, giving you a taste of the best superhero police procedural you’re bound to get hooked on.

That should do nicely for this week. Be sure to check back in on Tuesday for What to Watch for Wednesday, where we spotlight the week’s new print releases.

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