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Days Missing: Kestus #5

Posted by Sarah LeBoeuf On April - 22 - 2011

I was a huge fan of Archaia’s first Days Missing series, which started in 2009 and spanned five issues. The sci-fi series, which is published in association with Roddenberry Productions, follows an immortal man calling himself “the Steward” as he manipulates time to save humanity from itself. I was worried that the second series, the fifth issue of which was released this week, wouldn’t live up to the first, but after reading the conclusion I believe that Days Missing: Kestus is actually even stronger than its predecessor.

Written by Phil Hester
Illustrated by David Marquez
Cover by Dale Keown

In the first volume of Days Missing, the Steward worked alone. No, he didn’t just work alone–he was alone, the sole being in all of creation who existed to witness the dawn of the universe and every step of its development. At least, that’s what we believed to be the case. In Kestus, as we’ve discovered over the last four issues, there is another immortal humanoid being out there who is beyond time–but unlike him, the lovely Kestus cannot manipulate it. For a time, she sought to end humanity rather than save it, but over the centuries the Steward has managed to get her to see things from his point of view. But while he’s constantly jumping through time, she’s stuck living among humans without actually being one, and there’s no telling how this isolation will affect her.

Days Missing isn’t quite a series about time travel, although the Steward does jump through time as easily as one of us would walk from one room to another. His mission, his seemingly sole reason for existence, is to ensure that humanity continues to grow, thrive, evolve, develop, and, at its most basic level, simply survive. He does this by going to days that would mean cataclysmic disaster, and perhaps the end of the human race, and “folding” them–imparting his lessons and letting humans relive that day with the knowledge that can save them. No one ever remembers he was there, except Kestus.

In Kestus #5, the Steward revisits familiar territory–the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland. It’s December 2008, and unlike last time, Steward isn’t there to prevent a catastrophe. He’s there to see Kestus, who he has grown rather attached to, as you might if there was only one person in the universe who even knew of your existence. Kestus, though, is not exactly thrilled to see him, and things at the supposedly-safe LHC start to go awry. What follows is a fitting conclusion to this terrific story, which made me realize just how much I enjoyed the saga of Kestus and the Steward.

I have to commend writer Phil Hester for doing such a great job of taking the reigns on Days Missing and creating another memorable event to be folded away by the Steward. The finale is accompanied by David Marquez’s artwork, which does a great job of complimenting this story. Marquez was able to create different civilizations throughout time, each with its own look, while keeping them all connected to each other and Hester’s tale. The Steward and Kestus are distinct, memorable characters, thanks to the abilities of this creative team.

With a third volume of Days Missing a possibility (I hope), I’m already excited for what comes next for the Steward. If you haven’t been reading Days Missing: Kestus, I suggest picking up #5 and hunting down the last four issues at your local comic shop. It’s an enjoyable, unique, and well-paced series, and I’m sorry to see it conclude this week.

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