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Captain America: Super Soldier – PlayStation 3

Posted by Hollander Cooper On June - 13 - 2011

I’m not going to lie, my expectations weren’t really all that high for the Captain America game. Hell, I’ll say it: they were downright low. Last month’s Thor proved that developers are still more than happy to release absolutely awful movie tie-in games to superhero films, even in a world where Batman: Arkham Asylum proved that it was more than possible to turn the genre into something absolutely brilliant. That said, in my time with the game, I walked away not only impressed, but excited to see if the rest of the game could hold up the level of quality presented in the demo.

After putting on my 3D glasses and reading over the move-list, I jumped into the heroic shoes of Steve Rogers (voiced by and modeled after Chris Evans), on a mission to destroy a satellite dish and take down Baron Strucker. To do so, I needed to beat down waves of Hydra agents, plant C4 on a number of locations around the base of the dish, and smack around the Baron—all in time to save a plane that was getting dangerously close to being within range of AA turrets. In other words, I was playing the last four pages of any Captain America comic.

I ran into a handful of Hydra agents and began to take them down, because, you know, America. Combat was shockingly smooth, feeling ripped directly from Arkham Asylum. I was able to easily initiate a number of enemies at once, punching one in the face and them immediately countering another before throwing my shield, all with relative ease. Sure, it’s not as polished as Arkham, but it gets points for trying, and is, on the whole, a ton of fun. After defeating them I was face to face with Strucker, who proved to be much more difficult than the other lackeys. In order to defeat him I needed to not only do a fair amount of damage in regular attacks, but nail a few QTEs as well, which ended up being slightly more frustrating than I would have liked. Then again, with thousands of screaming voices at E3, there’s a good chance I was just distracted. Eventually I beat him up, and proceeded to plant the C4.

This gave way to a short platforming section, which actually relied more on timing than anything else. Tapping jump at the right moment had Cap swinging off ledges and jumping from platform to platform, though I didn’t get the impression that there was really a way to fail this, just that it would have been possible to do it slower. Getting to the top gave me more enemies to fight, that I disposed of with the same ease (and glee) as earlier, before fighting Strucker again and blowing up the satellite dish.

It wasn’t a necessarily difficult demo, and I was far from being blown away, but I was absolutely impressed by what I saw—at least compared to what I expected. If the rest of the game holds up to the demo shown at E3 (which, to be honest, isn’t entirely likely), there’s a good chance that the Captain America game can climb to the top of the heap for movie tie-ins. With a release coming next month, we won’t need to wait long to find out.

Captain America: Super Soldier is due out on July 19, 2011 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintedo DS, and Nintendo Wii.

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