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What to Watch for Wednesday

Posted by Luke Brown On July - 20 - 2011

For comics shipping 07.20.11 or The Week Captain America Became The First Avenger. Every week I’ll check Diamond’s shipping list to see what you absolutely, positively need to spend all your hard earned cash on at the Local Comic Shop.

Daredevil #1 – $3.99

Daredevil is back, and this time he’s going to be more blind than ever. Actually, I have no idea what’s going to differentiate this DD from the countless others over the years, but I do know that Mark Waid can write the hell out of just about every single character in the known comic universes. Teamed with Paolo Rivera and Marcos Martin, it seems like this latest volume of Daredevil is going to be one of the best in recent years. And there have been a lot of great takes on the character in the past decade.


The Stuff of Legend, Vol. 3: A Jester’s Tale #1 – $3.99

Oh, how I love this series. Each volume gets better and better the further Mike Raicht, Brian Smith, and Charles Paul Wilson III descend into the Dark. This time around, the story focuses primarily on the Jester, the most audacious and vengeful of the bunch, and I’m eagerly anticipating watching him cut a bloody path through the Boogeyman’s forces. If you’ve never picked up TSoL before, don’t fret, as each volume is very new reader friendly, and this issue doesn’t disappoint.

That’ll do for this week. Be sure to keep checking back in all during Captain America Week for more great articles about the first Avenger.

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