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Angry Birds – (Un)Official Movie Trailer

Posted by Luke Brown On December - 7 - 2011

The hottest movie of next year just got a trailer. Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the second official production from The Quarter Bin, Angry Birds.

Jason and Tommy are tasked with delivering the Queen Mum’s famed Fabergé egg collection to a museum in Philadelphia. Only when they get to America, they find the eggs are gone. A team of highly-trained femme fatale art thieves have stolen the case the eggs were transported in, only to discover another team of swine-masked bandits has made off with the actual prize.

These so-called “American birds” aren’t just going to sit back, and let someone else get all the glory and gold. They’re smart. They’re sexy. And now, these birds are angry.

From the creators of God of War (Indie Movie), The Legend of Zelda (1987), and Inglourious Plummers comes the next epic of blockbuster proportions: Angry Birds.


Nick Grock – Jason
Rich Lee – Tommy
Casey Foster – Cousin Rovie
Erin Magarity – Black Bird
Colleen Magarity – Blue Bird
Jess McIntern – Green Bird
Sara Citroen – Red Bird
Tammy Jean – White Bird
Amanda Gallifrey – Yellow Bird
Brent Osmun – Pig #1
Frank Snyder – Pig #2
Jake Mattera – Pig #3
Luke Brown – Pig #4

Directed by Nick Murphy
Shot and Edited by Nick Murphy
Written by Luke Brown and Nick Murphy
Score by Jake Mattera
Sound by Keith Santiago and Shawn Caple

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