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The Last Sleeper Coming to iPad and Android Tablets

Posted by David Goodman On January - 2 - 2012

As anyone who plays video games knows, Apple’s iPad and tablet technology has been something of a game changer in the way people play and experience video games. With its interactive touch technology, the player can become more a part of the story than ever before. And now Kendall Davis, one of the producers for Halo 4, is going to push that limit even further with The Last Sleeper.

Davis looks at The Last Sleeper as more of an interactive story than a game, as the player will make every decision that moves the story forward. It is a game that has been designed specifically for iPad and tablets and will take full advantage of the technology.

From The Last Sleeper’s Kickstarter website:

Millennia ago, Queen Valasca unleashed an ancient evil upon the people of the Ephos. Known only as the Shadow, it feeds off their fear and misery to prolong her unnaturally long life, creating hollow shells of empty existence.

A young woman named Fera was born with the gift to harness the last vestiges of Ephos’s Light: the only power that can defeat the Shadow. As Fera blossoms into a powerful warrior, she is marked for death by the Queen.

We experience the story as Adam, an amnesiac soldier who awakens in the famine-stricken forests of Ephos. As Adam wanders in the forest in search of purpose, he discovers that he too can wield the Light.

The Last Sleeper has already met its goal on its Kickstarter page, but you still have time to be a backer if you want. It looks to be the kind of experience that we as gamers only dreamed about up until a few years ago. You can look forward to finding out for yourself in Spring /Summer 2012 when The Last Sleeper launches for iPad and Tablets.

The Last Sleeper Kickstarter page:

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