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Factor 5′s Superman Concept Art Shows What Could Have Been

Posted by Luke Brown On January - 9 - 2012

As much deserved credit as Rocksteady gets for reinvigorating not just the Batman video game franchise, but superhero video games as well, recent findings show they weren’t the first developer to take comic book heroes seriously. In 2008, Factor 5 was secretly working on a Superman video game. The studio closed before the game was finished, but concept art from the game has surfaced, and it gives a glimpse into what could have been an amazing Superman video game.

Siliconera came across the works of Daveed Kaplan, who was working on character models for the game in 2008. Codenamed “Blue Steel,” Factor 5′s unreleased Superman game was to be published by Brash Entertainment, but after Brash’s investors stopped, well, investing in the company, they were forced to close down. You might remember that Brash was also hoping to publish a video game based on DC’s Flash, but that game also never made it beyond the early development stages.

The shame of never getting to see Factor 5′s Superman game is that the most recent Man of Steel video game was based on the mediocre Superman Returns, and featured a final boss fight against… a tornado. Factor 5 had a pretty dense rogues gallery lined up featuring the always available Lex Luthor, Superman’s longtime enemy, Kryptonian zealot Zod, and the ruler of Apokoplips, Darkseid. Throwing down with any of those three big bads would have been a million times better than facing off against a natural disaster.

You can check out all the concept art over on Siliconera, and hope that one day some developer comes along to give us the Superman game that we, and Kal-El, deserve.


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  1. Jonathan Hollander Cooper Said,

    Flap the Sixaxis to fly!

    Posted on January 9th, 2012 at 3:19 PM

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