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Justice League: Doom – NYC Premiere Interviews

Posted by Luke Brown On February - 28 - 2012

Check out what Phil Morris, Andrea Romano, and Kevin Conroy had to say about working on Justice League: Doom.

Justice League: Doom premiered earlier this month at the Paley Center in NYC, and we hit the red carpet to talk with some of the cast and crew. See what Kevin Conroy, Phil Morris, and Andrea Romano have to say about working on the latest DCU animated feature, and get a few brief glimpses at the film in motion.

Interviews by Luke Brown
Shot and Edited by Nick Murphy

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  1. Pepita Said,

    , *loosely* based. It is in fact Vandal Savage, and I’m also concerned over the pioirferatlon of the Royal Flush Gang without Booster Gold around to stop them.I will watch this movie, but I am concerned as to how far they’ve strayed from the source material, when the source material was so good.

    Posted on March 13th, 2012 at 1:06 PM

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