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Young Justice: Season One, Vol. 3

Posted by Luke Brown On March - 8 - 2012

We’ve finally gotten to catch up with our favorite teen heroes in the latest volume of Young Justice: Season One. These four latest adventures put the junior Justice League in some precarious situations, but it’s nothing Robin, Artemis, Superboy, and the gang can’t handle.

Young Justice: Season One, Vol. 3
Directed by Michael Chang and Jay Oliva
Written by various

This DVD consists of four episodes: “Bereft,” “Targets,” “Terrors,” and “Homefront.” Picking up not too long after the conclusion of the Volume 2, this volume sees our favorite teen heroes conquering their insecurities almost as much as they’re toppling bad guys. From the relationship between Miss Martian and Superboy growing from crush to a full-blown, secret romance, to Artemis overcoming her fear of being inadequate both as a daughter and a hero, this installment is full of wonderful character moments. There’s plenty of action in there too, but the writers of each of these episodes really spent time getting to the core of the emotional experience these young adults were going through, and it makes you really care about what’s happening to these individuals outside of the costume.

Some of my favorite moments from this particular collection come from the first and final episodes on the disc. “Bereft” finds the team separated, and without a clue why they’re in a foreign country. Slowly, the memories return, but the action is on point, and the camaraderie between the kids is showcased perfectly. Even though none of the members really remember who the other are, they still find a way to work together to save one another. “Homefront” is a bit different, but is action-packed nonetheless. The team comes under attack at their base, and it’s up to Robin and Artemis to save all the powered members from the mysterious threat. I have to commend the way the episode was written, as Artemis is really given a chance to shine, and the way her character is handled is a true testament to the character (even if she is a bit different than the comic book version).

Again, the voice acting and animation are continually superb. This volume gives each of the characters a bit more time to really shine, and all of the voice actors involved do a fantastic job no matter what the scene calls for. The animators really do a nice job of capturing emotion, and they seem to have just as easy a time keeping the action fast-paced. The series really starts firing on all cylinders in this collection, and when great characterization is met with solid acting and animating, you’ve got an incredible viewing experience on your hands. If I had to come up with one gripe, it’s that there are only four episodes on this disc (like the previous volumes), and I just want to keep watching more. Hopefully Warner Home Video is working on a complete box set for release at some point.

Truthfully though, it’s tough to complain about such a well-put together series. Young Justice is clearly ready to make its mark as one of the premiere DCU animated properties. I’m eager to see how the rest of this season plays out, and whether or not Young Justice can keep up being so consistently strong. I’ve got faith in this show to do so. I just hope I’m right.

90/100 – Great.

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