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America’s Got Powers #2

Posted by David Goodman On May - 30 - 2012

In the last year, Image Comics has been on something of a hot streak, publishing hit series after hit series by creators who want to own their own work. Saga, No Place Like Home, The Walking Dead, Danger Club, Hell Yeah… the list goes on and on. But possibly the biggest defection to the creator owned ranks has been Bryan Hitch, who ditched Marvel and DC to go to Image and debut the new miniseries America’s Got Powers with Jonathan Ross. And together, they might have created one of the most fascinating series of the year.

America’s Got Powers #2 (of 6)
Plot and Script by Jonathan Ross
Plot and art by Bryan Hitch
Cover by Bryan Hitch

Inspired by shows like American Idol and comics like Rising Stars, Ross and Hitch have created a world where a generation of kids has all received superpowers due to mysterious circumstances. Instead of putting on flashy costumes and becoming heroes, they have ended up in San Francisco, placed in government detainment camps, and forced to compete on the most popular show on the planet, America’s Got Powers.

Yeah, the Teen Titans this ain’t. It is a dark and grim world these characters inhabit, and one that is probably closer to what would really happen if a whole group of kids woke up with superpowers one day. The similarities to the Holocaust are inescapable, and give the reader pause on more than one occasion.

Amid all this doom and gloom, Ross and Hitch have created a very likable character in Tommy Watts, the central character of the series. You can’t help but root for him and want to see him do well. As a matter of fact, America’s Got Powers has one of the most fleshed out casts I’ve ever seen. Each person has a role to play and each has clear motivations and goals. Ross is doing a great job giving each character a voice, which is not easy with a cast this big.

As for the art, what can I say? This is Bryan Hitch unleashed. He gets to draw the book anyway he wants and is taking full advantage of the freedom he has. Each panel is overflowing with detail, two page spreads are the norm and the pages have an energy I haven’t seen since his work on The Ultimates. While the art in issue #1 seemed a bit cramped, in issue #2 it is given more space room to breathe. He seems to be becoming more comfortable with each issue and it makes for an amazing looking comic.

America’s Got Powers is by far one of the most interesting and enjoyable books to come out from Image recently. From what I have read, this is just the first of what are many planned stories Ross and Hitch want to tell, and I for one can’t wait to read more.

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