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Tron: Uploaded – The Renegade, Pt. 1

Posted by Luke Brown On June - 8 - 2012

The very first episode of Tron: Uprising debuted on Disney XD last night. When Beck finds himself captured by Clu’s forces, and is transported to the games, what hope does Tron’s protégé have in making it out alive? Find out just what we learned about the Grid in our recap of “The Renegade, Part I.”

Welcome to the first installment of Tron: Uploaded, a new weekly series where we’ll be taking an in-depth look at the newest episode of Tron: Uprising. Taking place in Argon City, a new locale on the Grid, Tron: Uprising is the story of Beck, a program so inspired by Tron’s past actions he decides to take up the mantle of the hero many believed to be derezzed. Fortunately for Beck, Tron is alive and well, and he’s hoping to help Beck inspire a revolution against Clu.

“The Renegade, Part I”
Directed by Charlie Bean
Written by Kamran Pasha, Adam Nussdorf, and Bill Wolkoff

Though there was a series of webisodes released called “Beck’s Beginning,” which introduced the world and characters of Tron: Uprising, “The Renegade, Part I” is the first true episode of the series. The action is kicked off quickly, as Beck is learning the ins and outs of lightcycle combat from Tron in the Outlands of the Grid. On his way back to Argon City, Beck is spotted by a recognizer just outside of one of Clu’s military checkpoints. Figuring he could hide amongst the structure, Beck inadvertently sneaks into a holding cell for captured programs. No sooner does Beck realize his mistake, the holding cell is grabbed by a recognizer for transport to the stadium.

Meanwhile, at Able’s garage in Argon, Beck’s mechanic friends Mara and Zed learn that Able is in possession of a vintage Encom 786 lightbike. As anyone who’s seen Tron: Legacy will recall, this is the very same lightbike Kevin Flynn houses in his secluded mountain hideaway. Could Able be close friends with the creator? That remains to be seen, but it’s too on point to be considered coincidence at this point. Anyway, neither Zed nor Mara has seen Beck for a little while, which doesn’t cause Able quite so much concern as one would think. It was alluded to in “Beck’s Beginning” that Able might know more about Beck’s double-life than we think, but it’s still too early in the show’s story to know for certain just how close Able is to Tron or Flynn.

Back at the stadium, Beck forms a quick alliance with fellow captives Cutler and Rilo as they get ready to face off against some of Clu’s Black Guard. As Tesler watches from his private throne room, we see Beck and Cutler make short work of the opposition. The game isn’t without casualties though, as Rilo is derezzed before Beck’s eyes, causing him to question the price of revolution. After the first battle is over, Cutler and Beck share a moment in their cell where we learn Cutler was on the front lines of the Iso War (the same conflict which forced Flynn and Tron into seclusion), and wears an armband signifying his lost comrades-in-arms. Cutler reveals that even though Clu won the battle, he still has faith in the revolution, and has come to Argon to join forces with the new Tron.

We then catch back up with Zed and Mara, who have decided to hit up the club after work. While Zed is busy crushing on Mara, a mysterious young female program named Pearl spots Zed moping by the bar. She identifies him as an easy mark, and after being spurned by Mara, Zed decides to leave the club with Pearl. Zed takes her back to the garage, where he decides to take Pearl up to Able’s office to impress her. It’s there that we see Able has Bit (Flynn’s little binary buddy from Tron) on display, and are given yet another clue Able is related to Flynn somehow. Stupidly, Zed reveals the vintage lightbike to Pearl, who proceeds to steal the bike and zip away after clubbing Zed with a baton.

At the arena, Beck and Culter are being led with a small group of other detainees to another series of games. Deciding to seize the opportunity, Beck and Cutler make a break for it, and try to escape. They don’t make it far before being caught by more of Tesler’s soldiers, and the duo soon find themselves handcuffed together to face off against a trio of Black Guards on lightcycles. Cutler and Beck quickly dispatch of the riders, and to teach the two skilled fighters a lesson, Tesler’s right-hand man Pavel comes up with the brilliant idea to pit Beck and Cutler against one another to the death.

With that, the first episode comes to a close. More questions were raised than answered this episode, but Tron: Uprising is off to a great start. Hopefully we’ll soon find out just how much of a change Beck can make as the new Tron, what the relationship between Able, Flynn, and Tron is, how Tron ends up being turned into Rinzler, and what Kevin Flynn was up to during the years between the Iso War and Tron: Legacy. For now, just keep checking back in every Friday for the latest breakdowns on Tron: Uprising.

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