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Smash Bros. – Movie Trailer

Posted by Luke Brown On June - 11 - 2012
Check out our latest original video production, Smash Bros.

The First rule of Smash Bros., you do not talk about Smash Bros.
The Second rule of Smash Bros., you DO NOT talk about Smash Bros.

After meeting Mario, our narrator starts an underground fighting club called ‘Smash Bros.’ Peach, a dissolute woman, comes between them, and our narrator’s world begins to crumble.

From the creators of Angry Birds (2011) – (Un)Official Movie Trailer, God of War (Indie Movie), The Legend of Zelda (1987), and Inglorious Plumbers comes the next epic of blockbuster proportions: Smash Bros.

Mario – Michael J. Sadorf
Narrator – Josh Henderson

Peach – Beth Gardner

Link – Shawn Caple
Wario – Justin Silverman
Snake – Frank Patterson
Zelda – Alessandra Ameen
Ness – Chris Buek
Pokemon Trainer – Ricky Nguyen
Kong – Jake Mattera

Fight Club Fighters – Pete Hill, Matt Piechoski, Kyle Hansen

Cinematography by Paul Ritchey & Nick Murphy
Edited by Nick Murphy
Music by Jake Mattera
Costumes by Rebecca Murphy
Props/Soap by Rebecca Murphy & Luke Brown

Produced by Luke Brown, Nick Murphy, Paul Ritchey, Josh Henderson

Story by Nick Murphy & Luke Brown
Script by Luke Brown

Directed by Nick Murphy

Special thanks to Sine’s Five and Dime & Jen Barclay.

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