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NECA Cloaked City Hunter Predator SDCC12 Exclusive

Posted by Luke Brown On July - 11 - 2012

San Diego Comic Con 2012 is literally hours away, and to get you in the mood, we’ve got a series of advanced reviews of all of NECA’s 2012 convention exclusives. Let’s get things kicked off with a look at their Cloaked City Hunter Predator.

NECA’s Predator line has not only been one of the most popular series the company makes, it’s also one of the franchises that NECA prides itself on working on. They’re the only company right now working tirelessly to recreate the fan-favorite “Lost Predators” from Predator 2, and they’re constantly working to expand the line to include some pretty impressive variants to keep the die-hard Predator-o-philes happy. Case in point, this year’s SDCC 2012 exclusive, the Cloaked City Hunter.

While I haven’t been collecting the Predator line nearly as feverishly as I have been NECA’s video game licensed lines, I have dabbled a bit in the more recognizable Predators from the films. The Cloaked City Hunter is the first cloaked figure I’ve gotten my hands on, and like the non-cloaked version, the City Hunter is quite an impressive specimen. Every feature and facet of the regular figure is recreated here in clear plastic, which does indeed give the impression of the Predator being in cloaked mode. The Predator is just as posable as his full-color counterpart, which only helps when trying to positioning him for the kill.

Obviously the whole point of the Cloaked City Hunter is to replicate the alien being invisible, and because of that you’ll lose out on the incredible paint job the normal City Hunter has. That said, not a single level of the sculpted detail is lost because of the clear molding. From up close, the detailing is impeccable. From the netting, to the intricate armor, to the wrinkled skin around his fingers, there’s nary a detail missed on this figure. Even though the armor is made of a more flexible plastic in certain places, it never loses a bit of its craftsmanship while keeping the figure flexible.

A massive figure, the Predator easily gains a height advantage over every single other SDCC exclusive this year. The Predator is a big dude, and you really don’t understand just how committed NECA is to scale across all their lines until you line up the City Hunter with some of the other figures they’ve produced. Needless to say, I’ll be eager to see the Predator stand toe-to-toe with the Engineer from Prometheus later this year. The Cloaked City Hunter also comes with an exclusive new display skull that can’t be found anywhere else. Like the rest of the figure, the detailing on the skull is obsessively accurate, and will have CSI junkies trying to figure out how such an exit wound on the skull was made without an entry wound.

There’s a lot to like about the figure, and it’s definitely one of my two favorites from the SDCC offerings. Die-hards will be thrilled to add such a cool-looking figure to their collection, but what’s more, even casual Predator fans like myself will get a lot of enjoyment from adding the Cloaked City Hunter to their collections.

The Cloaked City Hunter Predator will be available exclusively from NECA at San Diego Comic Con, and will cost $25.

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