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NECA Comic Book Freddy Krueger SDCC12 Exclusive

Posted by Luke Brown On July - 11 - 2012

Horror film fanatics have been rejoicing over NECA’s Nightmare on Elm Street line since it was revitalized. With the Freddy aficionados at NECA putting together an all-star line-up of Freddy’s greatest hits, virtually every memorable moment from the slasher can be brought to life with expert detail. The latest to join that ever-growing line-up is the SDCC-exclusive Comic Book Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child.

Almost everyone who has seen a Nightmare on Elm Street movie has a favorite moment. With so many films, and so many unique death scenes, it’s hard for many people to agree on one singular sequence as the greatest in the franchise. Growing up, I didn’t get to see the Nightmare movies in order, but I definitely remember sneaking over to a friend’s house to watch The Dream Child when I was a kid. Say what you will about the later entries, but The Dream Child stuck with me, and it may not be the greatest film in the series, but it’s got a special place in my heart. That’s why I really dig the Freddy exclusive from this year’s San Diego Comic Con.

It should come as no surprise that as a child, I really enjoyed comic books. When one of the characters in Dream Child was a comic book nut like I was, it was easy to latch onto the character. Sure, I knew Mark Grey was probably going to die, but I thought maybe he’d stand a chance given that he became a superhero when battling Freddy in his dreams. Unfortunately for Mark, Freddy’s the master of dreams, and things don’t go so well for him even when he’s all suited up.

NECA brings this bizarre segment of the film to life perfectly. Not only is the black and white version of Freddy 100% movie accurate, but the inclusion of the Mark Grey paper doll (recreated exactly as he is represented on screen) seals the deal. We all know that NECA has a penchant for bringing cult classics to life with the attention to significant moments fans truly love. I didn’t expect them to knock this figure out of the park as much as they did, but it’s a fabulous rendition of the character.

Much of Freddy’s body remains the same as other non-deformed Freddies from the line, but this exclusive comes complete with a brand-new head sculpt that’s menacing, fearsome, and grotesque all at the same time. The burn scarring detail borders on ridiculous (in a good way), and the attention to little details like the threading on the sweater and the folds in Freddy’s pants are just as spectacular. It would have been nice to see Freddy get a bit more articulation to better pose him on the included skateboard, but he manages to stay pretty steady in spite of 90% of the articulation being from the waist up.

About the only thing that could have made this figure better would be to recreate the villainous persona Freddy takes up in the movie, complete with lightning bolt sweater, but that would have required way too much tooling for such a limited appeal. Still, it’s great to finally add a figure to my collection that perfectly encapsulates my experience with the character. I’m sure plenty of other NOES fans will feel the same way.

The Comic Book Freddy Krueger will be available exclusively from NECA at San Diego Comic Con, and will cost $25.

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