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NECA Elite Theron SDCC12 Exclusive

Posted by Luke Brown On July - 11 - 2012

NECA’s Gears of War line isn’t only one of the company’s largest, it’s also one of their most popular. With a rabid fanbase dedicated to filling out their Locust and COG armies, there’s seemingly no character from the game that’s off limits when it comes to NECA’s licensed line. This year’s San Diego Comic Con exclusive Elite Theron joins the ranks, and manages to stand out despite being the third Theron released this year.

Earlier this year, NECA released the third series in the Gears of War 3 line-up. Included therein were two versions of the Savage Theron. We caught a glimpse of the brutish figures last July, and both were impressive sculpts. There were some slight differences between the two to better replicate how the Theron appeared in Gears of War 3, and they would undoubtedly bolster any fan’s Locust army. The Elite Theron SDCC exclusive shares a lot of similarities with the previous Therons NECA released, but considering how well-sculpted and detailed those figures were, that’s more of a point of pride than a detractor.

The first major difference between the Elite and the Savage is the paint scheme. The Savage Therons had a strictly black and white motif, as that’s how they appeared in the Deadlands in the game. The Elite Theron has a more standard Locust army color palette, and is painted in the familiar black and red hues so associated with the monstrous foes the COGs face on a daily basis. The only other true difference between the three figures is the lack of a Butcher Cleaver. Instead, the Elite is one of the few Gears of War figures to come with a Torque Bow.

Though identical from the neck down, there’s still an amazing amount of detail present on the Elite Theron. You can almost get an idea of how his armor was put together on Sera, that’s just how much detail there is in bringing the character off the screen and onto your shelf. The Elite’s also got a bit of weight to him, which lends him some substance. Often, figures of this magnitude don’t feel like they’re really an armored mass of rage and hate, but that’s not the case here. Like the characters in Epic’s video game, the Elite Theron feels larger than life, and is an imposing figure.

Unfortunately, like many of the other figures from NECA’s Gears of War line, the Elite Theron isn’t the most posable action figure. He’s got his fair share of points of articulation, but other than aiming a weapon, you won’t be able to recreate many of the game’s poses with Elite. All that said, the Elite Theron is welcome addition to the Gears of War action figure family. The figure’s demeanor alone gives it enough presence to stand mano-a-mano with Marcus or any of the other Delta Squad members.

The Elite Theron will be available exclusively from NECA at San Diego Comic Con, and will cost $25.

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