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NECA Hero from the Sky Ash SDCC12 Exclusive

Posted by Luke Brown On July - 11 - 2012

NECA’s Evil Dead 2 line started earlier this year, but the company had been saving one particularly great moment from the film for a San Diego Comic Con exclusive. The “Hero from the Sky” Ash figure not only brings an iconic movie moment to life, but it’s also my early favorite for NECA’s best figure of the year.

I’m a huge Evil Dead/Army of Darkness fan. When we got to see the prototype Evil Dead 2 figures NECA has been working on last summer, I could barely contain my excitement. NECA was planning to bring Ash to life in a variety of ways, with each figure representing a seminal moment in the now twenty-five year-old film. Of course, they didn’t reveal to us at the time that one of the most memorable versions of the character would be making the jump from celluloid to collectible.

If you’re familiar with either Evil Dead 2 or Army of Darkness, you know that Ash gets transported to medieval times when he’s sucked through a portal created by the Necronomicon. The moment happens at the conclusion of Evil Dead 2, and though an almost identical moment occurs at the beginning of the sequel Army of Darkness, there are a few subtle differences. All of which NECA has captured here perfectly.

Though ‘Hero from the Sky’ Ash shares the same body as the upcoming ‘Hero’ Ash, the paint scheme is decidedly different. The SDCC exclusive Ash is a bit more monochromatic/sepia tone-ish to better replicate how the end of Evil Dead 2 looked. Additionally, this Ash has a slightly different head sculpt, which features the windblown hair Ash gets when being sucked through the portal. He also has a white streak of hair on the left side of the head, which he earns towards the conclusion of the film. Otherwise, the two molds are very, very close.

Now that’s not a bad thing. A lot of effort clearly went into painstakingly recreating the exact shirt tears, pant tears, and the various straps and buckles Ash is seen wearing in the film at that particular time. The accuracy of the figure is one of its most impressive features. The look of despair on Ash’s face as he realizes what’s happened at the very end of the film is brought to life wonderfully, and to make it even more outstanding, NECA has included a base that’s virtually identical to the one Bruce Campbell is standing on as he fires his shotgun into the face of the oncoming Deadite. The base even has some Neonomicon writing on it, but my language skills are a little out of practice, so I can’t really make out what the three separate inscriptions say.

Ash has a good deal of posability, and fans of the film won’t have much trouble recreating some of the more iconic poses Ash makes in the movies. Positioning him on the base is easy too, as NECA has included a foot peg to better situate the figure atop the mold. Honestly, this figure steals the show for me, and just might be the best figure NECA has produced this year. Granted, they’ve got a lot more figures coming over the next few months, but it’s going to take quite a bit to overtake “Hero from the Sky” Ash in my eyes.

The ‘Hero from the Sky’ Ash will be available exclusively from NECA at San Diego Comic Con, and will cost $25.

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