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The Big Dovahkiin – Movie Trailer

Posted by Luke Brown On August - 17 - 2012

Check out our newest parody trailer, The Big Dovahkiin.

“Thu’um” Dovahkiin is just your run of the mill bowling aficionado and adventurer. Unfortunately for Thu’um, he’s mistaken for rich and powerful Jarl also named Dovahkiin. Bandits break into the wrong Dovahkiin’s home, and steal Thu’um’s Elder Scroll to cajole him into paying a hefty debt he knows nothing about. Thu’um attempts to get the Jarl to compensate him, and ends embarking on a high-paying quest to recover the Jarl’s missing bride.

Enlisting the help of his former Stormcloak companion Galmar, and the always amiable, happy-go-lucky thief Delvin, Thu’um sets out on his quest to save the girl, get the money, and find the Elder Scroll. Of course, once a throng of Boethiah cultists and a sex-crazed housecarl named Lydia enter the picture, things take a dramatic turn for the bizarre.

Teamed with a stellar cast, the team behind Angry Birds and Smash Bros. return with another brilliant twist on the games and movies that inspire us all in The Big Dovahkiin.


Luke Brown – Thu’um
Brent Osmun – Galmar
Paul Ritchey – Delvin, Boethiah Cultist #1
Josh Henderson – Cicero, Boethiah Cultist #2
Jake Mattera – Jarl Dovahkiin
Jen Barclay – Lyida
Nick Murphy – Stormcloak Thug
Jim Sarris – Boethiah Cultist #3

Directed by Nick Murphy
Shot by Nick Murphy & Paul Ritchey
Edited by Nick Murphy
Written by Luke Brown & Nick Murphy
Produced by Luke Brown & Nick Murphy
Score by Jake Mattera

Thanks to Happy Tymes Family Fun Bowling Center

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