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Young Justice: Dangerous Secrets

Posted by Luke Brown On August - 17 - 2012

The final collection of DC’s animated Young Justice series has arrived. Consisting of the last fourteen episodes from season one of the shoe, Dangerous Secrets is packed to the brim with action, intrigue, drama, and awesomeness.

Young Justice: Dangerous Secrets
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By now, it should come as no surprise that I have really enjoyed Young Justice. Though the final fourteen episodes of season one may have taken a little longer to arrive than the previous twelve, that didn’t mean I wasn’t just as eager to marathon through the latest collection. It’s been almost five months since I’ve been able to catch up with the teenage titans, and Dangerous Secrets did not disappoint when it came to delivering on my expectations for the series.

After the first three installments of season one, Dangerous Secrets had a lot of ground to cover in one collection. With nearly seven hours of content though, a great many of the overarching storylines are given some satisfying resolutions. Of course, there are just as many questions raised by the season finale, but that’s all part of what makes Young Justice such a brilliant show. Not only do the episodes all stand alone on their own, but each also acts as a piece to a larger puzzle. We only get to see a bit of the larger picture when everything is said and done, but the series’ writers have done an incredible job weaving together an intricate narrative that is easily accessible to newcomers, while giving long time viewers the payoffs they’ve so wanted.

As great as the plotlines are, Young Justice wouldn’t be quite the show it was without some rather terrific character work. Though the earlier episodes were just as on point with characterization and development, watching characters like Robin, Kid Flash, Artemis, and Miss Martian grow over the course of fourteen consecutive episodes really shines a light on how well written Young Justice really is. Like I’ve said in my previous reviews, some of that is due to the voice actors, but it’s really impressive to see how much these characters have matured over the course of series.

I’ve personally been holding out from watching any of season two until I could see all of season one, and now that I have, there’s no way I’m not watching each and every episode as it premieres. Now that the whole first season of the show is available (albeit in four separate collections), I can’t recommend Young Justice enough. It’s brilliantly done, and is more than capable of holding its own on the pantheon of great DC and Warner Bros. animated series. In fact, the only thing holding it back from greatness thus far is there’s only been one season. Like its stars, Young Justice isn’t quite Justice League or JLU just yet. Add in a few more seasons of this quality, or better if that’s even possible, and Young Justice could easily find itself in contention for the top DC animated show ever. It’s just that good.

90/100 – Great.

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