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Zenescope’s Pat Shand Unleashed

Posted by David Goodman On January - 29 - 2013


If you are a regular reader of Zenescope’s Grimm Universe line of titles, than Pat Shand is someone that should be very familiar with. It seems like his name is listed in the credits of half the books Zenescope publishes, from Grimm Universe to Godstorm to the hit miniseries Robyn Hood, his writing talents seem to be everywhere.

Now it has been announced that he will be working on a large portion of Zenescope’s huge summer event, Unleashed. The series, which will bring vampires, zombies, werewolves and the like into the Grimm Universe, promises to be huge is scope and have a lasting effect on all the Grimm titles Zenescope produces.

Pat was kind enough to answer a few questions via email about his career, Unleashed and what the future holds.

TQB: For those that don’t know, how long have you been working in comics?

Pat Shand: About a year and a half. My first ever gig was a story in Joss Whedon’s Angel from IDW.

You’ve kind of exploded onto the Zenescope scene as of late, writing the smash hit miniseries Robyn Hood, the Godstorm mini and the forthcoming Unleashed (which we’ll get to in a minute). What does it feel like to be the newest Zenescope “It” writer?

It’s cliché to say, but it’s given me a feeling of validation. You know, I’ve been submitting short stories and queries to lit mags and literary agents for years. I’d been trying to get into comics for just as long, and I never had enough money to go the self-publishing route that normally gets comics folks seen. It’s been surreal and very fulfilling that Zenescope has embraced me and (que pretentiousness) my vision. It sounds corny and it’s what you expect to hear, but hey – it’s true.


So, give everyone the lowdown on Unleashed. What is it and what’s the history behind it?

It’s an event book that Raven Gregory and I have been plotting for months and months. Now, the general reaction to events like this tends to be, “Don’t we get enough of these from the Big Two?” I’d complicate that with this – the event is completely character driven. Everything that happens here is based on character and theme, while also fulfilling the action and fight quota that you expect from one of these. Longtime readers will find themselves shocked at what we’re doing, and I think we’ll leave new readers surprised at our gall.

The basic gist of it is that an ancient and powerful creature whose name is unknown (for ease, we’ve been calling him “the Being” in house, but that isn’t his name) opens a portal to the Shadowland, a realm that has been a prison for monsters for centuries. Vampires, werewolves, zombies, demons, and more rain down on the Earth… but the fun of it all is figuring out the Being’s motivation. It’s a horrific and devastating ride.

I’m in the middle of the third issue right now, and I think fans of Godstorm and new readers may be weeping throughout.

Are you excited about bringing vampires, zombies and the rest of the classic horror creatures into the Grimm Universe?

I am! We’re pumped to be expanding the Grimm Universe in new ways this year. While having the monsters is cool, I’m more excited by the array of new characters.

Is Unleashed an event that will have a lasting impact on the Grimm Universe?

Yep! None of our titles will ever be the same after these books.


What parts of the event will you be working on?

I plotted the whole thing with Raven; I’m writing the main Unleashed book, Vampires: The Eternal, and Demons: The Unseen; and I’m going to be story editing all of the others, working with the other writers to make sure the story and characters are cohesive line-wide.

When can we expect Unleashed to be in comic shops?

April through September.

Since it’s my favorite title Zenescope publishes, I have to ask; is there going to be a second Robyn Hood series?

Ralph Tedesco has been teasing fans of his Facebook page with an Artgerm cover, so something is brewing… can’t say what yet.

Any clue what’s next for you once Unleashed is finished?

I have a couple of other things going on during Unleashed, actually. A one –shot called Realm Knights comes out in April, and it’s like the Grimm Fairy Tales version of the Avengers. Robyn Hood, Sela, Red Riding Hood, Cross, and more characters make up a team of Highborns that come together to face a big threat. That one was a blast to write. The other stuff, during and after Unleashed, that I can’t talk about quite yet.

Like the man said, Unleashed hits comic shops this April. For more information you can check out Zenescope’s website at You can find more about Pat Shand at his website and on Twitter at @PatShand.

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