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Square Enix – Toy Fair 2013

Posted by Luke Brown On February - 20 - 2013


A strong showing from Square Enix is a big part of why Toy Fair 2013 was one of the best shows we’ve ever attended.

Square has long had its line of Play Arts action figures, but over the years it has grown more and more diverse. Now featuring some of Square’s own video games, as well as licensed figures from Konami, Visceral, Capcom, Namco Bandai, DC Comics, and more, the Play Arts line has a figure for virtually every taste. Though Play Arts are typically a bit more expensive than the average figure you’ll find at specialty shops, the detailing and accessorizing make it hard to argue the value.

While we expected a wide variety of gaming and film figures to be on display, the new series of DC Universe heroes was a bit of a surprise. Square will be interpreting familiar faces from the DCU with its own style and sensibilities, which provides some fresh takes on characters like the Flash, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman. Each of the figures is easily identifiable, despite being designed in outfits and armors quite different from what we’re used to. The Flash in particular has a great armor set, and Batman’s samurai-inspired look is pretty sweet, too.


Square also had some more recent DC figures on display, including the Batman: Arkham City Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy figures. Both look fantastic, and Harley’s look is much better here than it was in Arkham Asylum (both in the game and in figure form). The Dark Knight version of Heath Ledger’s Joker is as impressive a likeness we’ve seen, and it’s sure to be one of the hottest commodities on shelves when it arrives.

One of our personal favorite licenses, Metal Gear, was out in full force at Toy Fair as well this year. Square will be bringing Raiden to life in two forms: regular ol’ Raiden from Metal Gear Solid 2, and cyborg Raiden from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. Both are looking good, though for our money, the cyborg Raiden is a more impressive figure just based on the insane amount of detailing in the armor sculpt. Liquid Snake, big bad of Metal Gear Solid, will also be brought to life for the first time this year, and like the rest of Square’s MGS figures, is an impeccable representation of the character.


Halo 4 and Dead Space 3 also made appearances at Toy Fair. Square’s releasing another Spartan Warrior (this time in red) along with Sarah Palmer from Halo 4‘s Spec Ops. Again, Square has a knack for armor and technologically enhanced figures, and it shows with each bit of armor plating on the Halo figures. The same could be said for Isaac Clarke from Dead Space 3. While the figure is based on the cold weather armor, and thus isn’t as mechanized as his look in Dead Space 2, the figure is still on point. It’s a shame the lights in his helmet and RIG aren’t real, but the paint scheme does an adequate job of simulating the effect.

Square had plenty of figures based on its own games at the show, too. More Advent Children figures are on the way, with Vincent, Yuffie, and Rufus leading the pack. The Yuffie looks insanely good, as does Vincent (it’s all in the cape). Rufus isn’t a bad sculpt at all; we’re just not as attached to him as we are the main characters. A new batch of Kingdom Hearts figures are also in the pipeline, with Riku and Sora in regular and Tron: Legacy costumes. There are also new Kingdom Hearts 2 Formation Arts minis on the way, featuring more memorable scenes from the classic PlayStation 2 title.


Capcom was represented by Resident Evil 6 figures for Leon and Helena, which looked good. It’s just a shame the game turned out so poorly. New Street Fighter 4 figures for Sakura and Ken should be arriving in 2013 as well. Not to be outdone, there are figures for Tekken Tag Tournament coming for Jun and Kazuya, which both look fantastic. The super-posability on all the fighting figures should allow fans to create some wonderfully accurate poses from the actual games.

Overall, Square’s products really shined bright at this year’s Toy Fair. The various lines all look terrific, and most of these are spaced out pretty nicely throughout the year. We look forward to adding a bunch of these figures to our growing collection, and can’t wait to see what else Square has in store as the year rolls on.

Square-Enix-Play-Arts-Kai-Tekken-Tag-Jun Square-Enix-Play-Arts-Kai-Tekken-Tag-Kazuya Square-Enix-Play-Arts-Kai-Tekken-Tag-Kazuya-2 Square-Enix-Play-Arts-Kai-Super-Street-Fighter-4-Sakura Square-Enix-Play-Arts-Kai-Super-Street-Fighter-4-Ken Square-Enix-Play-Arts-Kai-Resident-Evil-6-Leon Square-Enix-Play-Arts-Kai-Resident-Evil-6-Helena Square-Enix-Play-Arts-Kai-Metal-Gear-Solid-Liquid-Snake1 Square-Enix-Play-Arts-Kai-Metal-Gear-Solid-Liquid-Snake Square-Enix-Play-Arts-Kai-Metal-Gear-Rising-Raiden1 Square-Enix-Play-Arts-Kai-Metal-Gear-Rising-Raiden Square-Enix-Play-Arts-Kai-Medal-of-Honor-Preacher Square-Enix-Play-Arts-Kai-Halo-4-Spartan-Warrior Square-Enix-Play-Arts-Kai-Halo-4-Palmer Square-Enix-Play-Arts-Kai-Dead-Space-3-Isaac Square-Enix-Play-Arts-Kai-Final-Fantasy-7-Advent-Children-Vincent Square-Enix-Play-Arts-Kai-Dead-Space-3-Isaac-Clarke Square-Enix-Play-Arts-Kai-DC-Universe-Wonder-Woman2 Square-Enix-Play-Arts-Kai-DC-Universe-Wonder-Woman1 Square-Enix-Play-Arts-Kai-DC-Universe-Wonder-Woman Square-Enix-Play-Arts-Kai-DC-Universe-Green-Lantern2 Square-Enix-Play-Arts-Kai-DC-Universe-Green-Lantern1 Square-Enix-Play-Arts-Kai-DC-Universe-Flash Square-Enix-Play-Arts-Kai-DC-Universe-Flash1 Square-Enix-Play-Arts-Kai-DC-Universe-Green-Lantern Square-Enix-Play-Arts-Kai-DC-Universe-Batman1 Square-Enix-Play-Arts-Kai-DC-Universe-Batgirl1 Square-Enix-Play-Arts-Kai-Batman-Arkham-City-Poison-Ivy Square-Enix-Play-Arts-Kai-Dark-Knight-Joker Square-Enix-Play-Arts-Kai-DC-Universe-Batgirl Square-Enix-Play-Arts-Kai-Batman-Arkham-City-Harley-Quinn Square-Enix-Formation-Arts-Kingdom-Hearts-2B Square-Enix-Formation-Arts-Kingdom-Hearts-2A Square-Enix-Formation-Arts-Kingdom-Hearts-2

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