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Avatar 3-Disc Blu Ray Collector’s Edition Announced

Posted by Luke Brown On October - 5 - 2010

Director James Cameron is unlocking the secrets of Pandora and taking fans on a guided tour of his vision with the highly anticipated release of AVATAR Extended Collector’s Edition on Blu-ray and DVD releasing November 16th in North America and rolling out internationally from November 15th. Read the rest of this entry »

Warner Bros. Grabs Arkham Asylum 2 Domain Names

Posted by Coop On July - 12 - 2010

Superannuation has found a handful of domain names registered by Warner Bros. that point to the sequel to Arkham Asylum.

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EA Opens Comic Imprint

Posted by Chris On October - 5 - 2009


Is there any video game they won’t turn into a comic?  The list of video game properties already appearing on comic shelves is huge, encompassing a range of games as diverse as Mirror’s Edge, World of Warcraft, and Sonic the Hedgehog. Never one to ignore a growing market, EA has joined in, announcing a partnership with comic publisher, IDW.

The partnership will create a new comic imprint, entitled EA Comics.  EA will handle all creative duties, while IDW publishes and distributes the books.  The first two properties to receive the comic treatment will be Army of Two and Dragon Age.

We’ve seen an increasing number of video game tie-ins with comics over the last few years. This marks another step in our strategy for extending EA’s wholly-owned game properties to new media. It is exhilarating to be working with the comic book creators directly,” said Mike Quigley, EA’s Vice President of Global Marketing.

EA seems to be taking the partnership very seriously, signing deals with established comics pros, Humberto Ramos, Peter Milligan, and Orson Scott Card.  Army of Two will launch in January, with a story that picks up where the game left off.  Dragon Age has not been given a release date.

Do any of the currently available video game-inspired comics interest you guys?  Is anyone out there really caught up in the story of Street Fighter?  Generally, I’ve found that these books work better when they’re presented as one-shots, as opposed to ongoing series.  Halo Uprising was cool, as was the Dead Space book, but monthlies like World of Warcraft seem to lose a lot in translation.  Anyone disagree?


Is Havok The Last Character In MUA2?

Posted by Chris On August - 31 - 2009


Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 is only 16 days away, and yet we still don’t have a full playable roster list.  Marvel and Activision have been very hush-hush about the last playable hero, but’s spotlight on some new concept art may have spoiled the last player; Havok.  Or not.  We don’t know.

For those unfamiliar with the minutiae of the X-Men universe, Havok is Alex Summers, the younger brother of the team’s more famous leader, Scott Summers, aka Cyclops.  Much like his brother, Alex is able to project powerful blasts from his body.  Unlike Cyclops, though, these blasts are emitted from Havok’s chest and hands, and consist of superheated solar plasma as opposed to Cyclops’ pure concussive force.  Havok has lead the X-Men team in times of need, but was introduced as a very reluctant superhero who mostly wanted to live a normal life with his girlfriend, Lorna Dane (who would later become the magnetically powered Polaris).  Currently, Havok serves as the leader of the Starjammers, a team of benevolent intergalactic space smugglers.

The article doesn’t state whether Havok will be a playable character, an enemy, or an NPC, but with one character left to reveal, he would be a good choice.  His power-set would translate perfectly to the game, he’s got a great costume, and an especially cool, slightly redesigned version of it for the game, and he’s an X-Man who has never gotten much attention outside the comics themselves.  We’ll be keeping a close eye on the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 website for the inevitable announcement.

What do you think?  Will it be Havok or someone else entirely?

Marvel’s Thor Game in Development

Posted by Chris On August - 19 - 2009


Marvel Comics owns some of the gaming world’s most coveted licenses.  Spider-Man, the X-Men, the Hulk, and Wolverine  have all seen multiple game adaptations of varying degrees of quality.  Pretty much every Marvel movie has had an associated game, and with a full roster of Avengers coming to theatres in the coming years, we’re sure to see plenty of super-heroic gaming action.  Marvel has announced that they are currently working on one of those projects, The Mighty Thor. Read the rest of this entry »

PSP Digital Reader Scores Marvel Comics

Posted by Chris On August - 18 - 2009


Almost hidden among Sony’s big reveals at Gamescon was the announcement of a digital reader for the PSP.  It may not be as sexy as the PS3 Slim, but it will offer “many different types of media,” and will launch with hundreds of Marvel Comics. Read the rest of this entry »

Batman: Arkham Asylum’s Scarecrow

Posted by Chris On July - 28 - 2009

Out of all of Batman’s famous villains, The Scarecrow is perhaps the creepiest.  Sure, the Joker has that chilling smile and the whole “sociopathic lunatic” thing going for him, but Dr. Jonathan Crane, AKA the Scarecrow, is all about fear.  He uses hallucinogenic drugs to terrify his enemies, and dresses, well, like a scarecrow.  As creepy as he is, he’s perhaps never looked as disturbing as he does in Eidos and Rocksteady Studio’s upcoming game, Batman: Arkham Asylum.

He certainly is a lot more menacing than he was in the 1980s..

Come to think of it, he was actually pretty creepy back then, too.  Regardless, this new version looks like something out of Freddy Krueger’s nightmares, so he’s pretty menacing.  So far, with the exception of Harley Quinn, I’m loving the re-designs for Batman’s “Rogues Gallery.”  What do you guys think?  Are they the right flavor of creepy, or has designer Ale Garza strayed too far from the characters’ roots?

[image source]

Wizard World Philly 09: Hasbro’s Marvel Toys Panel

Posted by Chris On June - 23 - 2009


At the Wizard World Philly 09 Marvel Toys panel, there was at least as much focus what might have been as there was on what will be.  Lead designer, Jesse Falcon, sculptor Phil Ramirez, and David Vonner and Scott George from Hasbro’s Marvel team helmed the event which included a few surprises, a good amount of applause, and even some resentment and disappointment.
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Wizard World Philly 09: Zenescope Panel

Posted by Sarah LeBoeuf On June - 22 - 2009


One of the panels we attended this weekend was Zenescope Entertainment’s “The Grimm Side of Success”, during which they talked about Grimm Fairy Tales and other current projects. Hit the jump for the recap.

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Eric Powell’s The Goon Versus… Dethklok?

Posted by Luke Brown On March - 18 - 2009

Well that certainly looks like it has all the potential of the great crossovers of our time. I’m just getting into The Goon now (I know, I know), and I have to say that my interest is piqued.  So, what’re your thoughts?



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