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Posted by Luke Brown On February - 21 - 2011

Like many other outlets, our team of writers sometimes reviews video games and movies and grades them out of a 100-point scale. What do the scores mean? This is how it breaks down:

100: Amazing! Nothing is perfect, but this is pretty damn close. Things like this rarely come around, so don’t miss out.

90-99: Great. It may not be the best thing ever, but it’s still pretty freaking fantastic. Highly recommended.

80-89: Good. May have a few issues that stop it from achieving total greatness, but it’s still worth your time.

70-79: Above Average. It may not be “Game of the Year” material, but it’s better than most games on the market. You’ll definitely enjoy your time with it, even if it has some noticeable flaws.

60-69: Average. We’re not saying run out and get it on day one, but it’s not bad. Maybe appropriate for a rainy weekend.

50-59: Mediocre. Not the worst, but it’s hard to sing any praises for the one. It might have a few redeeming qualities that keep it from being complete crap, but that’s not saying much.

20-49: Poor. This is pretty bad. It’s hard to recommend this unless you like being bored or frustrated.

0-19: Shit the Bed. That pretty much says it all, doesn’t it?

Because we don’t feel like individual issues fit the 100-point scale, we do not assign number scores to comic book reviews.

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